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palazzo strozzi, florence, italy

september 29, 2017

a performance of 30 women in the courtyard of the palazzo strozzi, accompanied by a live rendition of julius eastman’s piece, “the holy presence of joan d’arc” for 10 cellos.


palazzo uffizi, florence, italy

october 02, 2017

a performance of 20 women in the niobe room of the palazzo uffizi’s; the women emulate the surrounding sculptures and emit whispers.

Solo Exhibition

vanessa beecroft / pio pico

pio pico projects, los angeles, usa

opening october 08, 2017

vanessa beecroft / galleria massimo minini

galleria massimo minini, brescia, italy

opening september 30, 2017

vanessa beecroft / galleria lia rumma

galleria lia rumma, milan, italy

opening december 2017 / tbd